Project Overview

Prior to SmartGWT version 4.1 / SmartClient version 10.1, Isomorphic Software provided a Maven repository containing SmartGWT artifacts released under the LGPL license. Licensed editions containing the powerful server framework were never published on any public repository, instead requiring that they be installed / deployed locally. Since SmartGWT version 4.0p / SmartClient 9.0p, POMs have been distributed with the official SDK for this purpose.

The SmartClient/SmartGWT JARs you’ll find in any SDK download are just like any other JAR - you could deploy them to your own Maven repositories with the maven-deploy-plugin’s deploy-file goal. There are a lot of steps involved, though, to do that the right way for so many artifacts (version 4.1 of the SmartGWT eval bundle contains more than 20 of them).

This plugin, based on work done previously in a user-contributed google code plugin, has historically been focused on providing a community-based effort to simplify and automate the manual process, by providing one-step

  • Download and extraction of all distributions you’re entitled to under your Isomorphic license agreement (i.e., any optional modules are downloaded for you in the same step)

  • Extraction of select SDK resources (e.g., documentation, selenium extensions into a ‘latest’ folder, suitable for bookmarking.

  • Translation from traditional Isomorphic conventions to Maven standards for naming, versioning, etc.

  • Creation and installation of supplemental resource assemblies & overlays

  • Installation of each resulting SmartClient/SmartGWT artifact into your local repository, complete with javadoc attachments where applicable

  • Deployment of each resulting SmartClient/SmartGWT artifact into your own repository manager, complete with javadoc attachments (created by plugin) where applicable

Goals Overview

Installation and upgrades of the framework runtime are easily accomplished by using one or both of the following goals from a command line:

isc:install - To install all of a product’s artifacts to your local repository

isc:deploy - To deploy all of a product’s artifacts to your repository manager

Other goals aim to simplify the use of additional products & services:

isc:reify-import - To import project / screen definitions from Reify

isc:reify-validate - To check for discrepancies between a project’s MockDataSources and its working, or “live”, counterparts (e.g., SQLDataSources) commonly found during the design / development cycle.


Instructions covering the most common cases can be found on the usage page. Detailed configuration options can be found at the goals documentation generated by Maven, and examples are available at the links in the navigation bar.

The plugin is meant to be as easy to use as it can be, so the requisite FAQ is pretty short at the moment. If you’re having a problem that is not addressed here, please refer to the wiki entry on the Isomorphic public wiki, where users are encouraged to submit additional examples, tips, errata, etc.

Finally, the SmartClient Forums are an appropriate place to ask questions, provide feedback, and so on.

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