1. Why does my install fail with an error like, “Failure during assembly collection: error in opening zip file”?

    This indicates that the zip file is somehow corrupt, as can happen when an execution is interrupted. Just run the goal again, providing a ‘true’ value to the overwrite property.

  2. Why does my project build fail using when using overlays with newer versions of the Maven WAR Plugin?

    Errors during overlay extraction, such as “Entry is outside of the target directory (/)”, are resolved using versions 1.4.6 or later.

  3. Does your plugin detect and use proxy settings?

    Yes, the plugin should respect your (active) Maven proxy settings.

  4. Which dependencies do I need for my project?

    Users of SmartGWT or SmartClient LGPL editions only get




    artifacts, respectively. Users of Pro+ features with the server framework have many more options, and it depends on what you're licensed for and which features you're trying to use. As a rule, start with smartclient / smartgwt-eval|pro|power|enterprise, which gets you the core transitively, then refer to the official documentation for server modules to discover what each of them do. Finally, refer to this plugin's own documentation for supplemental artifacts and use the SmartClient forums to ask for help if you somehow get stuck.

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