Install From Local Distribution

Nightly builds are not necessarily available indefinitely, and you may find from time to time that you need to use a version that has been superseded by a newer release or is otherwise no longer found on the builds page. In this case, the plugin can be made to look locally for a distribution:

  1. If necessary, create a directory that looks like one the plugin would have created for you.

     export WORKDIR = /tmp/SmartGWT/PowerEdition/4.1d/2013-11-25/zip
     mkdir $WORKDIR
  2. Drop a copy of the file/s in question where the plugin can find it

     cp /downloads/ $WORKDIR
  3. Use the skipDownload property to cause resolution from the local file system. Note that the value of the -Dworkdir argument is set to the /tmp, as in the path above.

     mvn isc:install -Dproduct=SMARTGWT \
                     -Dlicense=EVAL \
                     -DbuildNumber=4.1d \
                     -DbuildDate=2013-11-25 \
                     -Dworkdir=/tmp \

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